Eames Plastic Armchair DAR Padded

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Vitra Eames Plastic Armchair DAR : Charles & Ray Eames, 1950. Plastic Armchairs were first presented as part of a New York Museum of Modern Art competition, “Low Cost Furniture Design”.

446,49 €


519,18 €

  • Hopsak 66 Black
    Hopsak 66 Black
  • Hopsak_79 Warmgray/avorio
    Hopsak_79 Warmgray/avorio
  • Hopsak_69 grass-green/ivory
    Hopsak_69 grass-green/ivory
  • Hopsak_70 grass-green/forest
    Hopsak_70 grass-green/forest
  • Hopsak_85 mint/ivory
    Hopsak_85 mint/ivory
  • Hopsak_86 mint/forest
    Hopsak_86 mint/forest
  • Hopsak_87 ivory/forest
    Hopsak_87 ivory/forest
  • Hopsak_77 Black/forest
    Hopsak_77 Black/forest
  • Hopsak_71 yellow/pastel green
    Hopsak_71 yellow/pastel green
  • Hopsak_72 yellow/poppy red
    Hopsak_72 yellow/poppy red
  • Hopsak_67poppy red/ivory
    Hopsak_67poppy red/ivory
  • Hopsak_68 pink/poppy red
    Hopsak_68 pink/poppy red
  • Hopsak_65 coral/poppy re
    Hopsak_65 coral/poppy re
  • Hopsak_63 red/poppy red
    Hopsak_63 red/poppy red
  • Hopsak_96 red/cognac
    Hopsak_96 red/cognac
  • Hopsak_62 red/moor brown
    Hopsak_62 red/moor brown
  • Hopsak_81 ice blue/ivory
    Hopsak_81 ice blue/ivory
  • Hopsak_83 blue/ivory
    Hopsak_83 blue/ivory
  • Hopsak_84 blue/moor brown
    Hopsak_84 blue/moor brown
  • Hopsak_74 dark blue/ivory
    Hopsak_74 dark blue/ivory
  • Hopsak_75 dark blue/moor brown
    Hopsak_75 dark blue/moor brown
  • Hopsak_82 ice blue/moor brown
    Hopsak_82 ice blue/moor brown
  • Hopsak_73 petrol/moor brown
    Hopsak_73 petrol/moor brown
  • Hopsak_88 cognac/ivory
    Hopsak_88 cognac/ivory
  • Hopsak_76 marron/moor brown
    Hopsak_76 marron/moor brown
  • Hopsak_80 warmgrey/moor brown
    Hopsak_80 warmgrey/moor brown
  • Hopsak_05 dark grey
    Hopsak_05 dark grey
  • Hopsak_78 nero/moor brown
    Hopsak_78 nero/moor brown
  • Polypropylene_ Basic Dark
    Polypropylene_ Basic Dark
  • Polypropylene_ Red poppy
    Polypropylene_ Red poppy
  • Polypropylene_ White
    Polypropylene_ White
  • Polypropylene_ Ocean
    Polypropylene_ Ocean
  • Polypropylene_ Mustard
    Polypropylene_ Mustard
  • Polypropylene_ Basalt
    Polypropylene_ Basalt
  • Polypropylene_ Mauve grigio
    Polypropylene_ Mauve grigio
  • Polypropylene_ Cream
    Polypropylene_ Cream
  • Polypropylene_ ice gray
    Polypropylene_ ice gray
  • Polypropylene_ Classic red
    Polypropylene_ Classic red
  • Polypropylene_ blue navy
    Polypropylene_ blue navy
  • Polypropylene_ oxide red
    Polypropylene_ oxide red
  • Polypropylene_ classic green
    Polypropylene_ classic green
  • Polypropylene_ moss grey
    Polypropylene_ moss grey
  • Polished chrome
    Polished chrome
  • Black

Available in 5/6 weeks

Vitra Eames Plastic Armchair DAR : Charles & Ray Eames, 1950. Plastic Armchairs were first presented as part of a New York Museum of Modern Art competition, “Low Cost Furniture Design”. Their organically shaped plastic seat shells were later combined with various different bases and manufactured in their millions. In their latest version made of polypropylene, the armchairs now offer even greater sitting comfort. To complement the product line, Vitra is re-launching the fully-upholstered Plastic Armchair. The organically shaped upholstered shells are particularly comfortable and radiate a homely atmosphere. The Hopsak cover in 13 colours can be combined at will with the eight colours of the seat shell. Together with the base frames, this creates any number of individual possible combinations. The upholstery is fixed to the shell with black or white piping.
DAR = Dining Height Armchair R-Wire Base
DAW = Dining Height Armchair Wooden Base
DAX = Dining Height Armchair X-Base
DAL = Dining Height Armchair La Fonda Base