Ex Display - Indada Dada Kitchen Indada designed by Nicola Gallizia for Dada is a kitchen with cinnamon oak laminate doors and top and shelves in bronze plaster laminate. The kitchen includes Míele appliances. List price: € 27.414,00

  12 283,61 €

Ex Display - Trapezio Grattarola Kitchen Trapezio by Grattarola is a kitchen in solid wood, with turtle dove ash doors, wall units, table and chairs in light ash and white paloma quartz top. The kitchen includes, Elica hood, oven, refrigerator and dishwasher Scholtès. List price: € 29.527,00 Table List price: € 3.632,00 4 chairs List price: € 1.786,00

  8 559,84 €

Ex Display - Alea Varenna Kitchen Alea designed by Paolo Piva for Varenna is a Kitchen with doors in veneered walnut, wall units and columns matt white lacquered and top in white laminate. The kitchen includes, Smeg oven, Aeg refrigerator and Rex dishwasher. List price: € 31.740,00

  9 188,52 €

Ex Display - Moon Modulnova Kitchen Moon by Modulnova is a Kitchen with doors in RAW oak, top in Piacentina stone marble and matt lacquered wall unit and back. The kitchen does not include appliances. List price: € 21.000,00

  7 254,10 €

Ex Display - Monterey L'Ottocento Kitchen Monterey by L'Ottocento is a kitchen with doors in solid antiqued ivory lacquered solid wood, top in yellow istria marble and extendable table. The kitchen includes Ilve oven and hob and Rex dishwasher. List price: € 31.500,00

  12 573,77 €

Ex Display - Evita L'Ottocento Kitchen Evita by L'Ottocento is a kitchen with doors in HD walnut, top in dark emperador marble and bookcase and grilles in matt lacquered wood. The kitchen includes Rex oven and dishwasher, Fhiaba fridge and Elica hood. List price: € 42.300,00

  15 281,97 €

Ex Display - Living Design L'Ottocento Kitchen Living Design by L'Ottocento is a kitchen with ivory matte lacquered wood doors, gray marble worktop and natural ashwood snack top. The kitchen includes Rex fridge and dishwasher, Fulgor oven and Siemens hood. List price: € 32.500,00

  14 024,59 €

Ex Display - Terra Snaidero Kitchen Terra by Snaidero is a kitchen with doors in gray veneered oak and top in natural porphyry H 12. The kitchen including Whirlpool oven and dishwasher. List price: € 21.300,00

  6 286,89 €

Ex Display - Skyline Snaidero Kitchen Skyline designed by Lucci Orlandini for Snaidero is a kitchen with dark oak laminate doors, worktop in gray fusion laminate and upper shelf in red laminate. The kitchen includes fridge and oven Smeg and Rex dishwasher. List price: € 18.065,00

  5 319,67 €
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