Wing Roda Screen Wing designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for Roda is a screen realized with powder coated stainless steel and polyester belt. Wing enable the space to be shaped as required and designed to create private corners in the garden or on the terrace, or to provide privacy in contract situations. Available in two finishes and two dimensions.

  1 139,80 € 1 390,00 € -18%

Plump Paola Lenti Plaid Plump designed by CRS Paola Lenti is a plaid made of elements in mélange tubular knit padded with polyester fiber and woven by hand. Plump can be used also in outdoor environments, but it does not have to stay exposed to the rain: it is necessary then place it inside during night and in periods of non-use.


Cushions Paola Lenti Cushions designed by CRS Paola Lenti are beautiful floor cushions available in 3 different sizes. Removable upholstery in Thuia fabric. These pillows can be used also in interior environments.


Flame Manutti Candle Holder Flame designed by Koen Van Extergem for Manutti is an outdoor candle holder in powder coated aluminium with Iroko wood base. Play with the different candle heights and enjoy a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any outdoor space.


Flex Paola Lenti Seat pad Flex designed by CRS Paola Lenti is a beautiful seat pad made of three-dimensional polyester fabric. Totally permeable to air and water, resistant to UV rays and fast drying, they combine high technical performance with comfort and aesthetics. The seat pad is uphlostered in Flex fabric available in the colours avorio, bruno,...


Sika Paola Lenti Storage Containers Sika designed by CRS Paola Lenti is a beautiful set of storage containers with different form and dimension, made with a Rope or Aquatech cord sewn in a spiral-like pattern. The Sika elements are proposed in pre-determined sets. All componenets of each pre-determined set are produced in the same colour.


Cutting Board Röshults Cutting Board designed by Broberg & Ridderstråle for Röshults is realized in teak. The Cutting Board is one of the pieces suited to fit Kitchen Island or a custom built outdoor kitchen , enabling you to build a personal outdoor kitchen that satisfies your needs.

  1 026,00 €

Hilding Röshults Candle Holder Hilding by Röshults is a candle holder in untreated iron. Hilding is our smallest fire basket in which you use standard outdoor candles to create a inviting glow. Like its bigger brothers, Hilding is handcrafted using steel plate which will develop its natural patina within days.

  65,00 €

Garden Easy Pillow Röshults Garden Easy Pillow by Röshults is realized with Sunbrella outdoor fabric.

  75,00 €

Garden Towel Hanger Röshults Coat Rack Garden Towel Hanger designed by Broberg & Ridderstråle for Röshults is a coat rack made of teak and stainless steel. Röshults Garden Towel Hanger is a high quality hanger for towels. It has a stylish as well as practical design. With slim lines made of stainless steel and a baseplate made of teak, it withstands...

  560,00 €

La Bohème is a vases collection designed by Philippe Starck for Kartell. Only exclusive technology, used for the first time in the design sector by Kartell, could allow the creation of a completely transparent collection of vases whose shape has a remarkable aesthetic impact. The elegance of the design, colors and material sets these vases apart, making...

  109,02 €

515 Servobandiera Zanotta Flag-holder 515 Servobandiera designed by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni for Zanotta is a flag-holder. Base in black polypropylene. Steel support rod, in the shade black for outdoors. Bunting fl ag. Regulation colours, symbols and sizes. Flag size cm 100 x 150, Swiss fl ag cm 100 x 100. On the USA and Council of Europe fl...

  433,80 € 482,00 € -10%

InOut Gervasoni Bottle InOut designed by Paola Navone for Gervasoni is a bottle in blue, white or anthracite grey ceramic. Not suitable for liquids.

  231,00 €

InOut Gervasoni Bottle InOut designed by Paola Navone for Gervasoni is a bottle in blue, white or anthracite grey ceramic. Not suitable for liquids.

  231,00 €

InOut Gervasoni Bottle InOut designed by Paola Navone for Gervasoni is a bottle in blue, white or anthracite grey ceramic. Not suitable for liquids.

  231,00 €

Alberto designed by Fabrica for Casamania is an ironic clothes horse produced in polyethylene by means of rotational moulding, the garden-friendly Alberto is both sunlight and water resistant. Alberto is designed to be fixed directly to the floor. By adding the specially designed square metal base, Alberto can also be used individually, as a decorative...

  618,00 €

Poubelle is a garbage can designed by Paola Navone for Opinion Ciatti. Black rubber garbage can. 

  230,16 € 255,74 € -10%

Tulip, designed by A&S for Varaschin, is a trolley with powder coated aluminium frame and synthetic fiber weaving. 


Functionality in the name of design: this is Caddy, the new outdoor bar trolley designed by Gordon Guillaumier for Roda. A charming furnishing proposal, that rereads the aesthetic canons of a service product through  the elegant style of Roda.

  803,60 € 980,00 € -18%

Set of 4 Pillows available in multiple sizes for different seats of Vondom. Young, innovative, dynamic, that is VONDOM, a leading company in design, manufacturing and commercialization of avant-garde indoor and outdoor furniture, planters, lighting and outdoor rugs. Because DESIGN is their passion, with this passion they are able to collaborate with major...

  132,00 €

Flex seat pads are made of polyester three-dimensional fabric. Totally permeable to air and water and resistant to UV rays, the seat pads allow for fast drying and combine high tech performances with comfort and elegance. The seat pads are available in the colours avorio, bruno, cemento, arancio, verde mela, grigio and viola.


The Perfect Complement to Any DEDON Collection. The DALA collection by Stephen Burks has drawn widespread attention not only for its unique design, based around an external construction of expanded aluminum mesh, but for the revolutionary new DEDON fiber we’ve woven through it, created from recycled food-and-drinks packaging. 

  213,20 € 260,00 € -18%

Create an oasis with this multi-faceted room divider and define private, undisturbed spaces for breezy relaxation. An organic structure, Green could hardly be more natural with its logical and unobtrusive design.

  2 619,90 € 3 195,00 € -18%

The Outdoor Collection will also present the white Overscale Flames outdoor accessories by Jean-Marie Massaud.


The Gold Collection signed by Marcel Wanders now comes in white version: vases and stool are white ceramic, suitable for outdoor use.


Springtime, the collection designed by Jean-marie Massaud, develops the theme of the “à cabane” seat with deep seating sofas that can be shaded by a light textile or rattan cover to create privacy even en plein air. The sofas, with their rigorous linear frames, are designed in two seating depths.


Thirteen years after its debut in the B&B Italia collection, the Charles sofa system -a long-time bestseller for the company- is being introduced in a new outdoor version: charles-outdoor. Characteristics that made it a classic of pure contemporary taste have been left unchanged. The system will have the same slim frame,flexibility and signature...


Canasta by B&B Italia is a family of chairs characterized by macro-interlacing of polyethylene fiber strips white or bronze.Patricia Urquiola approached the outdoors starting from the theme of woven patterns-reviving and personalising the concept with a traditional look in mind, but giving it a decisively contemporary look without using too much...


Y-Pot Slide Vase Y-Pot designed by SLIDE Studio for Slide is a vase made of polyethylene by means of rotational moulding. Y-Pot has the shape and various sizes that make it perfect for any kind of setting, both indoors and outdoors. Available in different finishes.

  80,00 €

Open Cube Slide Container Open Cube designed by SLIDE Studio for Slide is a container made of polyethylene by means of rotational moulding. Open Cube can be arranged in countless combinations –  several cubes can go horizontally side by side or be vertically piled up. Different arrangements allow many different uses: as a bedside table, a coffee table, a...

  100,00 €

Mon Amour Slide Bottle Rack Mon Amour Pot designed by Alex Sacchetti is a bottle rack made of polyethylene by means of the rotational moulding system. Mon Amourworks as a pot and as a bottle holder/icebox for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It is a versatile item with a playful design geometrically recalling the shape of a heart. Available in different...

  310,00 €

Mon Amour Slide Vase Mon Amour designed by Alex Sacchetti per Slide is a vase made of polyethylene by means of the rotational moulding system. Designed by Alex Sacchetti, Mon Amour works as a pot and as a bottle holder/icebox for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It is a versatile item with a playful design geometrically recalling the shape of a heart....

  295,00 €

Glacé Slide Bench Glacé designed by Alessandro Mendini for Slide is a bench made of polyethylene by means of rotational moulding. Glacé is a versatile and modular item that can cover several functions, horizontal it’s a comfortable bench, vertical a unique luminous room divider. Glacé is the unquestionable focal point of any space thanks to its...

  480,00 €

Misses Flower Power is a vase stands designed by Philippe Starck with Eugeni Quitlletfor Kartell. Misses Flower Power is a decidedly “oversized” vase. The round base, the same color as the structure, gives the vase excellent stability. 

  316,39 €
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