Bluna Binova Kitchen Bluna by Binova is a kitchen that who shows up a real laboratory for food preparation. Customizable and available in different finishes.


Vogue Binova Kitchen Vogue by Binova is a kitchen in which the space maintains formal purity and lightness so as to be able to move between taste, flavor and senses. The doors can be in matt lacquered MDF or with a metal or wood effect.


Scava Binova Kitchen Scava by Binova is a kitchen with perimetal worktop and an integrated handle created on the thickness of the door. The door can be matt lacquered, lacquered metal effect or wood veneer.


Regula Binova Kitchen Regula by Binova is a kitchen with an aluminum frame that is configured as a transversal system. The furniture of this kitchen seems suspended thanks to the adjustable feet. The doors can be lacquered, laminated, wood, special wood, fossil wood or concrete.


Vesta Binova Kitchen Vesta by Binova is a kitchen with minimalist geometries and simple design that cover a highly technological structure. The frame is in aluminum and the doors can be in veined gres, glass or wood.


Mantis Binova Kitchen Mantis by Binova is a kitchen system that represents an integrated architecture project, with the aim of bringing the space and technology to their highest level. The doors are available in matt lacquered, metal effect lacquered, fenix laminate, wood or special wood.

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