Gridy Fungi Menu Shelf Gridy Fungi designed by Gridy for Menu is a shelf made of oakwood available in 3 different finishes: natural, dark or black. Also availlable in 3 sizes.

  45,41 €

Nepi InternoItaliano Bookcase Nepi designed by Giulio Iacchetti for InternoItaliano is a modular bookcase completely handmade in solid walnut, consisting of two simple modules assembled without the use of screws or mechanical joinery.

  8 754,92 €

Double Me 722 Desalto Shelving System Double Me 722 designed by Arik Levy for Desalto is a shelf system with sliding container. Shelf in steel sheet. MDF box, also available with mirror backrest. The shelf and container colors are freely compatible with each other. The container flows through a system of ball bearings patented by Desalto.


Stick System Menu Bookshelf Stick System designed by Jan & Henry for Menu is a beautiful modular bookshelf with structure made of powder coated steel and shelves in stained ashwood. Available in multiple types and versions.

  1 033,08 €

Cage Menu Shelf Cage designed by Form Us With Love for Menu is a beautiful shelf with structure made of powder coated steel and top in stained ash. Available in 2 finishes.

  99,13 €

Wall Tray Menu Shelf Wall Tray designed by Kenyon Yeh for Menu is a beautiful shelf made of oakwood available in 2 different finishes. A clever space solution perfect for the modern home. It, indeed, easily lifts way from the wall mountings to be used as a tray.

  231,35 €

Inori Fiam Bookshelf Inori designed by Setsu & Shinobu Ito for Fiam is a beautiful modular bookshelf consisting of base and shelves available in different finishes and uprights in 12 mm extralight glass. Also available in different configurations.


Metrica Mogg Bookshelf Metrica designed by Ctrlzak Studio for Mogg is a wall bookshelf made of iron rod: titan with green glass shelvs or burnished with bronzed glass shelvs. The simple structure exploits the cadenced rod industrial processing in different diameters and according to an irregular partition. The essential volume is delineated thanks to the...


Flower Cappellini Bookshelf Flower designed by Junpei & Iori Tamaki for Cappellini is a beautiful bookshelf obtained by the combination of two cylindrical panels in aniline-dyed wood. An essential design multiplied in a kaleidoscope effect by the transparency of empty spaces defined by intersecting circles.


High Heels Moschino Gufram High Heels designed by Moschino & Gufram are two provocative low-cut high-heeled shoes made of black leather with gold-plated heels, hosting respectively an ottoman and three levels of glass shelves: crazy reinterpretations of a seat and a cabinet. High Heels clearly confirm Gufram's willingness to play with surprising us in...


Biker Cabinet Moschino Gufram Biker Cabinet designed by Moschino & Gufram is a beautiful cabinet on wheels that revisits the shape of the iconic Moschino Biker bag, faithfully reproducing its studs, zippers, collar, and pockets; its glass shelves can accommodate the greatest variety of objects. Biker cabinet clearly confirm Gufram's willingness to...


086 Baleno Cassina Shelf 086 Baleno designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec for Cassina is a wallshelf in black thermoplastic rubber.


Ren Poltrona Frau Magazine Rack Ren designed by Neri & Hu for Poltrona Frau is a magazine rack with structure in solid Canaletto walnut and a sheet ofCuoio Saddle Extra leather that is attached to the upper wooden crosspiece and create a pocket hold up by two brushed steel rods with a brass finishing.


Ren Poltrona Frau Bookcase Ren designed by Neri & Hu for Poltrona Frau is a bookrest with structure in solid Canaletto walnut and shelves upholstered in Cuoio Saddle Extra leather. Brass details. Available in two dimensions.


Flying Circles Ceccotti Collezioni Bookcase Flying Circles designed by Massimo Castagna for Ceccotti Collezioni is a beautiful modular bookcase with shelves in solid American walnut, structural and decorative rings in black nickel, gold or bronzed finished steel cm. L/W 165 - P/D 40 - H 225 (for composition with 6 shelves).


Plano Paola Lenti Bookshelf Plano designed by Francesco Rota for Paola Lenti is a beaufitul bookshelf with shelves available in lightened concrete ivory, graphite or wengé colour, matching the structure. Varnished steel structure in ivory, graphite or wengé colours. Also available in 2 types. The product can be used also in interior environments.


Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Glas Italia Bookcase Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde dedigned by Piero Lissoni for Glas Italia is a beautiful bookcase in laminated 5+5 mm. thick shiny ground and thermo-welded glass. Available in transparent extralight glass, transparent coloured glass or glossy lacquered glass. Also available in 3 different sizes.

  1 756,30 € 1 930,00 € -9%

Slide Glas Italia Bookcase Slide designed by Nendo for Glas Italia is a beautiful bookcase available in two sizes with sides in transparent extralight glass and shelves in black paste glass 8 mm. thick, tempered and thermo welded. A shelf, fixed at the edge of the shaped extralight glass and inserted only partially inside it, protrudes further than the...

  1 601,60 € 1 760,00 € -9%

Deep Sea Glas Italia Bookcase Deep Sea designed by Nendo for Glas Italia is a beautiful bookcase in laminated and thermo-welded transparent extralight glass. The shelves of the bookcase are in coloured transparent glass available in grey or blue tone. Moving from one element to the next, the distance between them gradually decreases, whilst the intensity...

  1 756,30 € 1 930,00 € -9%

Space Glas Italia Bookcase Space designed by Ennio Arosio for Glas Italia is a single or double faced bookcase with modules of various width and depth in tempered mm.10 thick glass. The sides and the glass plates are in transparent extralight. The base and the top are in glossy lacquered glass. The back is in transparent extralight or glossy lacquered glass.

  2 453,36 € 2 696,00 € -9%

Boxinbox Glas Italia Container Boxinbox designed by Philippe Starck for Glas Italia is a beautiful container designed like a box within a box, in laminated 5+5 mm thermo-welded extralight glass. It is placed on a base of reflective polished stainless steel. A space within the transparent extralight glass unit glued at 45° allows a second element with...

  2 241,33 € 2 463,00 € -9%

Light-Light Glas Italia Shelves Light-Light designed by Nanda Vigo for Glas Italia is a collection of shelves made of glued 6 mm. thick tempered glass plates with 45° chamfered edge. The glass plates are opaque white. The shelf is provided with a LED ligh equipment, with or without dimmer. For the lighting and intensity regulation it is necessary a wall...

  1 053,78 € 1 158,00 € -9%

On Glas Italia Shelves On designed by Ennio Arosio for Glas Italia is a series of shelves made of two tempered crystal plates 8 mm. thick, opaque lacquered or glossy lacquered, glued together and supported by a steel wedge which allows the shelf to be hung. Available in 4 sizes.

  791,70 € 870,00 € -9%

Everywhere Glas Italia Shelves Everywhere designed by Studio GL for Glas Italia is a series of shelves with mirrored back and transparent extralight double plate mm. 8 thick tempered. In addition to sustaining and containing, this shelf is characterised by its formal purity and lightness and as well by its reflecting function.

  629,72 € 692,00 € -9%

Shimmer Glas Italia Shelves Shimmer designed by Patricia Urquiola for Glas Italia are shelves in laminated and glued glass, characterized by a special iridescent multichromatic finish; the nuance varies according to the angle of the light source and the vantage point. Reflected objects with a magical and ethereal appearance emerge. Available in opaque or...

  2 113,02 € 2 322,00 € -9%

Quid Poliform Bookshelf Quid designed by R&D Poliform is a bookshelf system that allows different possibilities of configurations. The doors are available in matt, gloss, black elm, white mirror and blue reflective glass.


Il Letterario Boffetto Bookcase Il Letterario designed by Simone Micheli for Boffetto is a beautiful bookcase with "LIKE" composition. Other compositions of letters are available upon request. Internal panel and letters structure are available in different finishes. The gap between 2 letters is about 20 cm. Light available only for the dot of the "i" letter.


Plectrum Boffetto Bookcase Plectrum designed by Stefania Tieri for Boffetto is a beautiful bookcase available in different types, finishes and versions.


Gli Oggetti della Foresta Boffetto Bookcase Gli Oggetti della Foresta designed by Daniele Menichini for Boffetto is a modular bookcase with vertical wall paneling which may be covered. Metal shelves and different finishes are available.


Heart Boffetto Vertical Bookcase Heart designed by Alessandro Antoniazzi & Ivan Sesini for Boffetto is a vertical modular bookcase with metal shelves, available in different types and finishes.


Magnifica Boffetto Bookcase Magnifica derigned by Maurizio Favetta for Boffetto is a modular bookcase with painted metal elements. Different finishes are available for paneling. Both wall and room divided versions. Painted metal series, textured metal series, or single color. Different finishes are available.


Heart Boffetto Bookcase Heart designed by Alessandro Antoniazzi & Ivan Sesini for Boffetto is a beautiful modular bookcase with metal shelves, available in different types and finishes.


Join Boffetto Bookcase Join designed by Emanuele Svetti for Boffetto is a bookcase realized with solid surface or varnished wood. Available in two dimensions.


Rafiki Baxter Bookcase Rafiki designed by Draga & Aurel for Baxter is a bookcase with antiqued brass-coated metal structure.


Libelle Baxter Bookcase Libelle designed by Pietro Russo for Baxter is a modular bookcase with bearing structure in matte black-varnished metal, fastened to ceiling and floor through satin brass pressure pins. Shelves’ supports in satin brass. Shelves with frame in black-stained maple with inside in cane or leather-covered.


Bourgeois Baxter Bookcase Bourgeois designed by Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez for Baxter is a bookcase with matte black-varnished wiredrawn metal frame. Shelves and drawers in dark-stained and natural-oil finished solid canaletto walnut. Drawer interior matte E4.10.60 Sikkens lacquered. Bearing frame in metal upholstered in leather.

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