Jeeg Mogg Coffee Table Jeeg designed by Bartoli Design for Mogg is a modular table in olive ash. Available in different finishes and two models componible at will.

  651,20 € 740,00 € -12%

Renè Mogg Umbrella Stand Renè designed by Marcantonio for Mogg is an umbrella stand in curved beech wood, available with base in marble black Marquina and black stick or in Struct-Form matte gray with natural wood stick. The umbrella ring is black. The Magritte-inspired stick, the circle used in the circus world or by the dancers as hula hoop, refer to...


Memorie Mogg Coat Rack Memorie designed by Luca Somaini for Mogg kit of 4 knobs coat rack in brass fusion in nickel black finish. Memorie is a modern and ironic vision of the classic wall hanger, characterized by a total freedom composition and installation on a wall. The idea blends ancient and modern, simplicity and sophistication, combining a typical...

  162,80 € 185,00 € -12%

To_Be Mogg Pendant Lamp To_Be designed by Studio 14 for Mogg is a pendant lamp consisting of crushed iron pipes with chrome plated finish and white varnished canopy. A mechanical chandelier, industrial impact derived from a crushed pipe and deformed by the mechanical bending, laser cutting and welding. Available in two finishes and three dimensions.

  457,60 € 520,00 € -12%

Amazzonio Mogg Pendant Lamp Amazzonio designed by Marcantonio for Mogg is a pendant lamp with iron structure, lampshade made of plasticized paper and canopy in gold painted finish. Recognize objects and identify them for the use we make of it. This is the custom, but it is interesting to create a dreamlike circumstance where the identity of objects is...

  396,00 € 450,00 € -12%

Supernova Mogg Pendant Lamp Supernova designed by Filippo Mambretti for Mogg is a pendant lamp in spy-mirror crystal. Infinita, comes from the desire to create an intriguing game of refractions and reflections that characterize and decorate the home environment both at night and during the day, whilst also being able, through the special mirror glass, to...

  827,20 € 940,00 € -12%

Penelope Mogg Floor Lamp Penelope designed by Matteo Beraldi for Mogg is a floor lamp in micaceous black painted metal. Penelope is a hymn to the beauty and female intelligence, is the synthesis of a sign, sinuous and harmonious as the perfect profile of a woman. A profile that accommodates in its interior a light source skillfully combining form and...

  994,40 € 1 130,00 € -12%

Ritratti Mogg Sideboard Ritratti designed by Marzia & Leo Dainelli for Mogg is a sideboard in phenolic laminated wood with glossy and opaque resin finish. Complete with 2 doors and 4 internal shelves. An almost magical storage, inspired by the light and the reflections of Paris, the sun crosses the Notre Dame glass. Strong colors, sharp lines, play of...

  2 851,20 € 3 240,00 € -12%

Closer Mogg Armchair Closer designed by Marzia & Leo Dainelli for Mogg is an armchair with iron structure varnished matt black and upholstery in fabric or leather. A thin metal structure but very solid welcomes the pillow-rounded, light as a feather, the colors and textures of fabrics contribute to the originality of Closer, the brainchild of...


Vetrinetty Mogg Sideboard Vetrinetty designed by Marcantonio for Mogg is a sideboard in mdf with structure in aluminium and printed glass. Vetrinetty is a functional solution, perfectly capable of integrating with contemporary needs of living looking magical and ethereal, thanks to glasses with delicate decorations that integrated to aluminum frames and...

  2 930,40 € 3 330,00 € -12%

Rocks Mogg Occasional Table Rocks designed by Uto Balmoral for Mogg is an occasional table in air-pop and resin by hand. Iconic tables of different sizes, heights and colors that allow you to characterize the space with natural, nature and a bit of irony. Available in three dimensions and four colors.


Metrica Mogg Bookshelf Metrica designed by Ctrlzak Studio for Mogg is a wall bookshelf made of iron rod: titan with green glass shelvs or burnished with bronzed glass shelvs. The simple structure exploits the cadenced rod industrial processing in different diameters and according to an irregular partition. The essential volume is delineated thanks to the...

  576,40 € 655,00 € -12%

Match Mogg Hanging Rail Match designed by Studio BAAG for Mogg is an hanging rail composed of elements made from solid water-stained beech. 

  690,80 € 785,00 € -12%

DPI Mogg Sideboard DPI designed by Filippo Mambretti per Mogg is a sideboard series with side openings with metal painted bronze and front available in three finishes. The different compositions that may develop can find immediate application in every room of the house thanks to their multifunctionality and strong compositional value.

  224,40 € 255,00 € -12%

Big Hug Mogg Bed Big Hug designed by Claudio Bitetti for Mogg is an upholstered bed modeled at will, removable, complete with staves from beech wood 160x200 cm. Excluding mattress.

  2 437,60 € 2 770,00 € -12%

Cerberina Mogg Floor Lamp Cerberina designed by Filippo Mambretti for Mogg is a floor lamp with matt black painted metal base and shade. The cable is fixed to the ceiling, with the appropriate supports, at one or more points, to suspend the lampshade.

  607,20 € 690,00 € -12%

Frank Mogg Stool Frank designed by Markus Johansson for Mogg is a stool in solid ash wood.

  611,60 € 695,00 € -12%

Fendo Mogg Mirror Fendo designed by Ctrlzak  for Mogg is a is a wall and standing mirror  with a resin frame. Available black and white.

  514,80 € 585,00 € -12%

Vil Mogg Floor Lamp and Coat Hanger Vil designed by Noro Khachatryan for Mogg is a floor lamp and coat hanger with black concrete, wax finish and stem in satin brass. The coat hanger version requires the union of the two stems through the appropriate plate and the two coat hooks in satin brass. Out of production

Madama Mogg Suspension Lamp Madama designed by Cristina Celestino for Mogg is a suspension lamp available in 2 different finishes & 3 sizes. Madama is a collection of lamps inspired by the stiff petticoat used in the nineteenth century. The structure made puffy and voluminous the clothes, modeling forms to enhance the fabrics. Following the same...

  246,40 € 280,00 € -12%

Tokyo Mogg Bench Tokyo designed by Idelfonso Colombo for Mogg is a bench with structure in steel tubes with compartments expanded metal, all in zinc tropicalized brass version and compartment usable hanging under top, minimal and rigorous embellished by the materials.

  1 557,60 € 1 770,00 € -12%

Crystal Mogg Suspension Lamp Crystal designed by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba for Mogg is a suspension lamp available in 2 different sizes. CRYSTAL want to make the classic lamp's elegance more usable without altering their identity. The wooden structure, an integral part of the project is inspired by the transport crate; It seemed poetic make the shape...

  1 016,40 € 1 155,00 € -12%

Tokyo Mogg Console Tokyo designed by Idelfonso Colombo for Mogg is a console with structure in steel tubes with compartments expanded metal, all in zinc tropicalized brass version and compartment usable hanging under top, minimal and rigorous embellished by the materials.

  1 628,00 € 1 850,00 € -12%

Wow Mogg Mirror Wow designed by Uto Balmoral for Mogg is a is a wall mirror with frame in synthetic cellulose felt. Available in black and white colors. the rectangular mirror is arranged to be hung both vertically and horizontally.

  281,60 € 320,00 € -12%

Crossfade Mogg Table Crossfade designed by Damien Gernay for Mogg is a table in solid ash wood with legs with cortex. Available with natural or faded staine finishes.

  2 332,00 € 2 650,00 € -12%

Notes Mogg Sideboard Notes designed by Studio 14 for Mogg is a sideboard in gray MDF with front and sides covered by white sheets of A4 size, overlapping and interchangeable. Base metal burnished finish.

  1 368,32 € 1 471,31 € -7%

Sing Sing Mogg Occasional Table Sing Sing designed by Fabio Bortolani for Mogg is an occasional table available in 2 different finishes and 3 sizes. Defying the laws of kinematics, Bortolani made the rigid chain to achieve the legs of these coffee tables. He likes reworking everyday objects, edit and retrain them, using the ring of the chain as a measure...

  413,60 € 470,00 € -12%

Appunti Mogg Rug Appunti is the rug designed by Studio 14 for Mogg.

  1 289,20 € 1 465,00 € -12%

Noon Mogg Rug Noon is the rug designed by Alessandra Baldereschi for Mogg.

  1 289,20 € 1 465,00 € -12%

Stucchi Mogg Rug Stucchi is the rug designed by Cristina Celestino for Mogg. Out of production

Cementino Mogg Table Cementino designed by Uto Balmoral for Mogg is a table realized in solid wood plated elm with cement tiles inserts. Available in natural finish and black stained.

  2 974,40 € 3 380,00 € -12%

7 Pillows Mogg Armchair 7 Pillows designed by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba for Mogg is an armchair with structure in solid beech, available in natural and black paint version, complete with 7 removable feather pillows.

  1 575,20 € 1 790,00 € -12%

Ch’air, designed by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba for Mogg is a hanging lamp with beech wood structure and LED panel (light color 3000K). Available black or white. White ceiling rose included. The power cable is 2.5 metres long.

  998,80 € 1 135,00 € -12%

Once Upon A Light, designed by Emanuele Magini for Mogg is a lamp of a metal structure and steel tube on a ceiling-to-floor steel cable (3.5 mt long). Base in Carrara marble or black Marquina. The switch is housed in the electric cable (Length of power cord 4 mt).

  378,40 € 430,00 € -12%

The Dreamers designed by Uto Balmoral for Mogg is a small composed of wooden drawers, assembled, in different sizes and finishes. Supporting structure in metal with brass feet. ". .. commonly say" the dream into the drawers "to indicate our deepest aspiration and hidden; I like to think that these dreams rest in this physical location that became the...

  1 025,20 € 1 165,00 € -12%

Pietro designed by Mura & Pezza for Mogg is a rug that mimics the plant of St. Peter's Basilica in printed black and white wool with wool thread black and below belt paired in felt. The studio Mura&Pezza was born from the union of two young italian designer Alessandro Pezza and Mirko Mura.  Are two dynamic personalities, firmly convinced that good...

  1 570,80 € 1 785,00 € -12%
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