Brionvega stays with those who look ahead.For example because it has a new LCD display and a USB input for your MP3. Because it has 12,000 web stations that you can listen in high quality: just connect via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Or because its alarm clock with Touch Snooze gives you the best awakening, every day.

  427,50 € 450,00 € -5%

Radio.cubo , An icon of Italian design, updated with a more colorful cabinet design and technological heart, presents itself : bluetooth, DAB / DAB + , L-Band , Fm radio alarm clock and remote control. And much more! A timeless design, new colors and high-quality audio for a product that has revolutionized the way we listen to music. 

  232,05 € 244,26 € -5%

Radio Grattacielo rr227: It is 1965 when Radio Grattacielo by Marco Zanuso becomes reality. Another design revolution by Brionvega. No curves. Only right angles. It can lie horizontally or stand vertically. Just like a skyscraper.

  116,02 € 122,13 € -5%

Radiofonografo rr226: The 1965 Brionvega RadioFonografo has grown up. But it keeps smiling. He smiles because it is beautiful everywhere. Its design is the original by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. 

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