Ex Display - Absolu Edra Sofa Absolu designed by Francesco Binfaré for Edra is a sofa with velvet upholstery.


Ex Display - Richard B&B Italia Sofa Richard designed by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia is a sofa with leather upholstery.


X.me Bookcase Exclusively for MILIA, S-J A. Liotta draws and MYOP produces seven different original X.me configurations: seven libraries, seven containers modules X.me is made of expanded PVC or MDF panels with internal layers of wood veneer, cut with CNC machines and assembled with extruded aluminum connectors. The decades of experience of Sicilian...


Ex Display - Holiday Molteni & C Sofa Holiday is a sofa designed by Ferruccio Laviani for Molteni & C. Ferruccio Laviani proposes a new concept sofa: evocative, less basic, more decorative, based on emotional comfort. Holiday features a wrap-around back against which the cushions are arranged, a light frame, chic, comfy, characterful seats,...


Aria Transparent Slamp Suspension Lamp Aria Transparent designed by Zaha Hadid for Slamp is a suspension lamp with 50 transparent surfaces, encountering LED lights positioned on their axis.

  641,07 € 647,54 € -1%

Ex Display - Redondo Moroso Sofa Redondo is the seats collection designed by Patricia Urquiola for Moroso. In its design, Redondo is inspired by 1950s and 60s American cars- their upholstered interiors, the soft curves of their bodywork, and on-the-road comfort for long coast-to-coast drives. To the observer, it is the stage for scenes for everyday life.

  5 535,00 € 6 750,00 € -18%

Ex Display - Thea MDF Italia Sofa Thea is a sofa designed by Lina Obregón and Carolina Galan for MDF Italia. Thea’s eclecticism lies in the harmonious research of different points of view: frontally orthogonal, sideways tilted and concave on the back. The sofa is highly original and dynamic just because it melts all of these languages: it is a game of...

  4 750,20 € 5 278,00 € -10%

452 La Rotonda Cassina Coffee Table 452 La Rotonda is a coffee table designed by Mario Bellini for Cassina. Glass top and legs made of black stained ash, natural ash, natural walnut or canaletto walnut.


Triangle Clock Vitra Triangle Clock designed by George Nelson for Vitra is a wall clock.

  212,30 €

Bon Jour Unplugged Flos Table Lamp Bon Jour Unplugged designed by Philippe Starck for Flos is a dimmable, cordless and rechargeable table lamp with 6 hours battery life. Base and top cover in ABS. Injection moulded PMMA clear transparent diffuser and lampshade. Slide switch under the base that provides 4-step dimming.  USB-C charger cable included in the...

  196,24 € 233,61 € -16%

The Moor &Tradition Rug The Moor designed by All The Way To Paris for &Tradition is a rug made of 85% New Zealand wool & 15% viscose. The rugs recalling the typical cut of a precious stone, with subtle shimmer to the surface, to echo the qualities of a gemstone. Available in different finishes and models.

  1 487,00 €

Ameluna Artemide Suspension Lamp Ameluna designed by Artemide and Mercedes-Benz is a suspension lamp that combines beauty and intelligence. It discloses an innovative optoelectronic system integrated in the transparent frame. An aluminium band which is welded with the optics, supports the led strip. The latter is also hidden behind the lower profile, in...


1330 William Zanotta Sofa 1330 William designed by Damian Williamson for Zanotta is a sofa with frame made of steel and removable fabric or leather cover. Polished or black painted aluminum alloy feet. Removable cover in fabric or leather. 

  4 446,90 € 4 941,00 € -10%

2056 June Zanotta Set of 2 Chairs 2056 June designed by Frank Rettenbacher for Zanotta is a chair with backrest in beech plywood, covered with natural or black painted oak or Canaletto walnut. Legs in black or white painted steel. Seat cover in fabric or leather.

  986,40 € 1 096,00 € -10%

Ruben Zanotta Bed Ruben designed by Damian Williamson for Zanotta is a bed with removable cover in fabric or leather. Feet in polished or black painted aluminum alloy. Steel frame with bent beech strips, natural painted. Upon request the sewing edge of the headboard is available in dark grey grosgrain. The price does not include the cost of the mattress.

  2 403,90 € 2 671,00 € -10%

634 Tod Zanotta Small Table 634 Tod designed by Todd Bracher for Zanotta is small table with polypropylene frame. Varnish in black, white, red or orange.

  505,80 € 562,00 € -10%

Lou Lou Kids Kartell Chair Lou Lou Kids designed by Philippe Starck for Kartell is a beautiful kids chair available in different finishes.

  92,62 €

Dot Pillows Vitra Dot Pillows designed by Hella Jongerius for Vitra measure 40 by 40 centimetres and come in six colour variations, with two diff erent dot layouts. A single dot is an ordinary shape. But in a pattern it comes to life, interacting with the surrounding surface and other dots in regard to size, spacing and material. The Dot Pillows are...

  89,34 €

Candle Holders Vitra The Candle Holders collection designed by Alexander Girard for Vitra is made of solid brass with a polished finish.

  89,34 €

S-Tidy Vitra Organiser S-Tidy designed by Michel Charlot for Vitra is an organiser with serpentine-shape. It's made of robust plastic. Available in a several colours.

  23,77 €

Nuage Vitra Vase Nuage designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec  for Vitra is a vases collection available in three sizes and four colors. Made of anodized aluminium.

  122,13 €

Victor Lema Writing Desk Victor designed by Roberto Lazzeroni for Lema is a writing desk with top in glossy or matt lacquered finishes. Structure in oak.


Match Mogg Hanging Rail Match designed by Studio BAAG for Mogg is an hanging rail composed of elements made from solid water-stained beech. 

  602,21 € 647,54 € -7%

Kushi Kundalini Table Lamp Kushi designed by Alberto Saggia & Valerio Sommella for Kundalini is a table lamp with opal diffuser made of two layers of mouth blown glass and metallic body available in coating finishes, black, copper and brass. Available in two sizes.

  200,00 €

La La Kundalini Floor Lamp La La designed by Helen Kontouris for Kundalini is a floor lamp made of two conic fabric shades, coated inside with opaline plastic material. Available in two dimensions and colors.

  660,00 €

Evita Kundalini Floor Lamp Evita designed by AquiliAlberg for Kundalini is a dimmable floor lamp with composite body structure of multilayered steel and technopolymers and opal matt diffuser. Available in halogen or LED version and in four finishes.

  1 040,00 €

Clover Kundalini Pendant Lamp Clover designed by Brondie Neill for Kundalini is a pendant lamp with moulded polyurethane matt varnished body and aluminium reflector.

  1 240,00 €

Pli ClassiCon Side Table Pli designed by Victoria Wilmotte for ClassiCon is a beautiful side table with base made of folded, high-gloss polished stainless steel sheet in different colours, tinted with a special method. Oval tabletop made of crystal glass, colour-lacquered, glossy. Gliders in black felt.

  935,00 €

Athena Artemide Floor Lamp Athenadesigned by Naoto Fukasawa for Artemide is a floor lamp with indirect diffused emission. Two identical thin discs at the base and top are connected by a slender tubular stem. Its minimal elegance makes it a timeless object. Its simple forms are ideal for any public and privateenvironment and match with any style.

  696,00 € 870,00 € -20%

Kelvin Edge Flos Table Lamp Kelvin Edge designed by Antonio Citterio for Flos is an adjustable table lamp providing direct lighting, with double pantograph arm and adjustable head. Fused aluminum alloy body. Die-cast aluminum outer head, with injection-molded methacrylate diffuser. BASE external cover in ABS. The ON/OFF switch is electronic with optical...

  240,98 € 286,89 € -16%

Superloon Flos Floor Lamp Superloon designed by Jasper Morrison for Flos is a beautiful floor lamp available in 3 different finishes: white, black and chrome. Led included.

  2 616,39 € 3 114,75 € -16%

Bon Jour Flos Table Lamp Bon Jour designed by Philippe Starck for Flos is a beautiful table lamp with transparent frame which can be chosen with different finishes for the upper ring that incorporates a LED light source and it is completed with a lampshade available in multiple finishing materials.

  371,81 € 442,63 € -16%

Spillray Axo Light Suspension Lamp Spillray designed by Manuel Vivian for Axo Light is a beautiful suspension lamp available in multiple types. The diffusers are made of Pirex glass with a colour choice of crystal, orange, red and grey with chrome-plated metal frame. Light source are available with G4 fitting. Protection Index IP 20.

  1 003,00 €

Mountain View Axo Light Suspension Lamp Mountain View designed by Dima Loginoff for Axo Light is a beautiful suspension lamp available in 4 different finishes. It is made of transparent blown glass hand-crafted by master craftsmen and it is equipped with a built-in 16 W LED light source. Protection Index IP 20.

  1 593,00 € 1 770,00 € -10%

Melting Pot Axo Light Suspension Lamp Melting Pot designed by Sandro Santantonio for Axo Light is a beautiful suspension lamp with lampshades available in 2 different finishes: with light or dark decorative patterns. The light finish features a light patterns outside and white inside, whereas the dark version presents a dark patterns outside with gold...

  1 396,00 €

Gio B&B Italia Coffee Table Outdoor Gio designed by Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia is a beautiful outdoor coffee table by classic style. Gio's design is characterized by solid teak structures with a special antique grey finish, which gives the wood a particular lived-in aspect and silver-grey reflective quality. Gio coffee table is part of the...

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