Killer Qeeboo Schirmständer Killer, von Studio Job für Qeeboo entworfen, ist einer Schirmständer realisiert in Polyethylen. Verfügbar in mehreren Ausführungen.

  138,65 € 163,11 € -15%

Renè Mogg Schirmständer Renè, von Marcantonio für Mogg entworfen, ist ein Schirmständer in gebogenem Buchenholz, erhältlich mit Basis aus schwarz Marquina Marmor und schwarzem Stick oder Basis aus matt grau mit Naturholz Stick. Der Schirmring ist schwarz.


Usha ClassiCon Schirmständer Usha von Eckart Muthesius für ClassiCon entworfen, ist ein schöner Schirmständer aus verchromtem Flachstahl. Sockel aus Holz, seidenmatt schwarz lackiert. Usha entworfen für den exotischen Märchenpalast des Maharadschas von Indore. In der Zwischenzeit hat er besonders in Regionen seinen Siegeszug errungen, in welchen er auch...

  571,95 € 615,00 € -7%

Designed by Karim Rashid for Casamania, the Zontik umbrella stand is produced in polyethylene and solution-dyed by means of rotational moulding. The exterior is available in two finishes: opaque protective paint or polished paint. Zontik, proud of this service and functionality, maintains organization yet also displays the contents. Zontik offers six...

  135,00 €

Duo is an umbrella stand designed by Carlo Contin for Mogg. Designed by Carlo Contin this trend-setting "duo" of large umbrella stand and smaller attached holder is the perfect stylish accessory for any hall. Available in either black painted metal or polished chrome.

  158,40 € 180,00 € -12%

Senzafine is a umbrella stand designed by Gaetano Pesce for Meritalia. The “Edizioni del Pesce” consist of two main areas: the first is a collection of objects from various functions and the second is a series of table lamps, wall, ceiling and floor. The important characteristic is that each piece is unique in form, and for the combinations of colors.


Pinocchio Basket is an umbrella stand designed by Valsecchi1918. A clear tribute to the history of a Company which for many years produced wooden toys for kids. The Pinocchio service table evolves in 2013 changing its shape and its function but keeping intact the fairytale subject.

  331,50 € 390,00 € -15%

Barcelonés designed by Pep Bonet for BD Barcelona Design is an umbrella stand. Base, sides and bowl in cast aluminium, with anodized ripple finish. Separating rods in brightly polished stainless steel. This umbrella stand, together with the Mirallmar mirror designed by Eduardo Samsó, made up the BD contribution to the project Casa Barcelona: 38 Spanish...


Plec designed by Isabel Gamero & Jordi Pérez for BD Barcelona Design is an umbrella stand. Body in steel with kataphoretic treatment finishes inembossed polished and semi matt stainless steel. Polyether foam in the base. The shapes of the Plec are ideal for making the most of those wasted spaces hidden away in corners.


380 Servopluvio Zanotta Regenschirmständer 380 Servopluvio von Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni für Zanotta ist eine Regenschirmständer mit Fuß aus Polypropylen, Behälter aus Aluminium und tragendes Gestell aus Stahl, schwarzfarben.

  270,60 € 330,00 € -18%

Miniforms, Circo schirmständer: Combination of circular forms that always alternate with different diameters. Umbrella-stand rod with tank available in red and white (as per image).

  345,60 € 360,00 € -4%

Umbrella Stand ist ein schirmständer entworfen von Gino Colombini für Kartell. Ein zylindrischer, im Spritzgussverfahren gefertigter Behälter: glänzend, farbig, einfach zu reinigen und einfach unzerstörbar.

  86,07 €
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