Hay: Boucherouite Carpet

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Here are carpets that add mega soul to the room. Put it on the floor or buy several and make your own potpourri of amazing Unika carpets, then you will make the coziness come out in a soft but still present way. It adds spice and warmth. And it does so with great style and class.

 Well, it’s not the same as a huge bearskin, but if you  nestle yourself down on the floor and turn on some candles, you will undoubtedly receive the right attention anyway.The colourful Boucherouite rugs are contemporary rag rugs of rural Morocco. Boucherouite is the Moroccan-Arabic term for scraps of materials.When Morocco moved away from farming and breeding animals to a more urban model in the 1960’s wool ass the primary raw material for making carpets became rarer and was increasingly replaced by substitutes. Women began producing blankets and floor coverings from non-animal materials such as old clothes cut into strips.The traditional patterns of geometric shapes and zigzags were extended to highly individual styles, free from all rules. This mix of using contemporary materials and personalised patterns leaves much room for the unexpected and surprising and makes every single Boucherouite a unique rug.