Hay: Peas Carpet

New product

The Peas  from HAY is handmade in Nepal. The Nepalese craftsmen create felted balls of 100% wool by rolling it between their palms, the hundreds of balls they create are then  strung together on a non-degrading nylon thread to form the rug. It is available in either light grey or dark grey melange.

139,92 €


159,00 €

  • PEAS_Soft Gray
    PEAS_Soft Gray
  • Peas_ Medium grey
    Peas_ Medium grey
  • Peas_ Dark grey
    Peas_ Dark grey

Available in 7/8 weeks

HAY has traveled the world to present a unique collection of rugs made in Nepal and India. To promote sustainability and empowerment in the countries of origin, they have concentrated on using small local businesses as well as local weaving techniques and production methods.

Shell 100% Lana Vergine
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