Aster X Table Poltrona Frau


New product

A re-interpretation of the classic director’s chair. A clear-cut, linear cross-over frame forms an X which supports the seat.
Aster X is also available in a chair version that maintains the same, unusual geometric line as the other pieces, but with a different supporting frame featuring feet as the natural extension of the two armrests.

Available in 6/7 weeks

The armrests are made from steel with a ruthenium finish and the upper part is covered with Pelle Frau® leather. The seat frame is made from solid beechwood. The seat and the upper part of the backrest’s springing is made from elastic straps, while the padding is in polyurethane foam and polyester wadding. The table top is made from smoked glass. Lastly, there is a chair which has the same unusual geometric line as the other pieces, but does not have an X-shaped supporting frame. The feet are a natural extension of the two armrests. They are manufactured with ruthenium finish.

Length 65 cm
Width 48 cm
Height 32 cm
Top is made from smoky crystal
Designer Jean-Marie Massaud, 2005