Vitra: Aluminium Group EA 107

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Fixed chair with armrests

The Aluminium Chair is one of the greatest furniture designs of the twentieth century. It was originally designed for a private residence in Columbus (Indiana, USA), which was built by the architects Eero Saarinen and Alexander Girard in the mid-1950s.

1 307,62 €


1 520,49 €

  • Hopsak 66 Black
    Hopsak 66 Black
  • Net 05 Dark Gray
    Net 05 Dark Gray
  • Net 66 Black
    Net 66 Black
  • Net 88 White
    Net 88 White
  • Hopsak_79 Warmgray/avorio
    Hopsak_79 Warmgray/avorio
  • Hopsak_69 grass-green/ivory
    Hopsak_69 grass-green/ivory
  • Hopsak_70 grass-green/forest
    Hopsak_70 grass-green/forest
  • Hopsak_85 mint/ivory
    Hopsak_85 mint/ivory
  • Hopsak_86 mint/forest
    Hopsak_86 mint/forest
  • Hopsak_87 ivory/forest
    Hopsak_87 ivory/forest
  • Hopsak_77 Black/forest
    Hopsak_77 Black/forest
  • Hopsak_71 yellow/pastel green
    Hopsak_71 yellow/pastel green
  • Hopsak_72 yellow/poppy red
    Hopsak_72 yellow/poppy red
  • Hopsak_67poppy red/ivory
    Hopsak_67poppy red/ivory
  • Hopsak_68 pink/poppy red
    Hopsak_68 pink/poppy red
  • Hopsak_65 coral/poppy re
    Hopsak_65 coral/poppy re
  • Hopsak_63 red/poppy red
    Hopsak_63 red/poppy red
  • Hopsak_96 red/cognac
    Hopsak_96 red/cognac
  • Hopsak_62 red/moor brown
    Hopsak_62 red/moor brown
  • Hopsak_81 ice blue/ivory
    Hopsak_81 ice blue/ivory
  • Hopsak_83 blue/ivory
    Hopsak_83 blue/ivory
  • Hopsak_84 blue/moor brown
    Hopsak_84 blue/moor brown
  • Hopsak_74 dark blue/ivory
    Hopsak_74 dark blue/ivory
  • Hopsak_75 dark blue/moor brown
    Hopsak_75 dark blue/moor brown
  • Hopsak_82 ice blue/moor brown
    Hopsak_82 ice blue/moor brown
  • Hopsak_73 petrol/moor brown
    Hopsak_73 petrol/moor brown
  • Hopsak_88 cognac/ivory
    Hopsak_88 cognac/ivory
  • Hopsak_76 marron/moor brown
    Hopsak_76 marron/moor brown
  • Hopsak_80 warmgrey/moor brown
    Hopsak_80 warmgrey/moor brown
  • Hopsak_05 dark grey
    Hopsak_05 dark grey
  • Hopsak_78 nero/moor brown
    Hopsak_78 nero/moor brown

Available in 5/6 weeks

 For the construction of this chair, Charles and Ray Eames abandoned the principle of the seat shell, instead stretching a panel of fabric or leather between two aluminium side members to create a taut but elastic seat. The various versions of the chair oscillate between strict function, structure, human anatomy and machine-like rationality. The chair adapts to the body of the sitter and is exceedingly comfortable, even without elaborate upholstery.

Vitra has produced the Aluminium Group chairs over a period of decades in the same superior quality. This experience enables us to offer a 30-year guarantee on all of the chair models in the Aluminium Group.

Length 52.5 cm
Width 48.2 / 59 cm
Height 83 cm
Seat height 40 cm
Armrest height 66 cm
Base die-cast aluminium four-star base
Shell chair with medium high backrest; upholstery units in Hopsak and leather, high-frequency welded or netweave; side profiles and clamping bracket in die-cast aluminium. Armrests in die-cast aluminium
Designer Charles & Ray Eames