Spaghetti XS - 112 Chair

New product

Alias: spaghetti XS - 112.

XS chair with structure in stove enamelled steel, seat and back in PVC.

  • PVC Transparent (P000)
    PVC Transparent (P000)
  • PVC White (P001)
    PVC White (P001)
  • PVC Red (P005)
    PVC Red (P005)
  • PVC Black (P009)
    PVC Black (P009)
  • PVC dark amaranth (P012)
    PVC dark amaranth (P012)
  • PVC translucent neutral (P002)
    PVC translucent neutral (P002)
  • PVC Light Gray (P020)
    PVC Light Gray (P020)
  • PVC turtledove (P021)
    PVC turtledove (P021)
  • White painted steel (A001)
    White painted steel (A001)
  • Red painted steel (A005)
    Red painted steel (A005)
  • Acciaio verniciato nero (A009)
    Acciaio verniciato nero (A009)
  • Dark amaranth painted steel (A012)
    Dark amaranth painted steel (A012)
  • Bright silver painted steel (A016)
    Bright silver painted steel (A016)
  • Embossed white painted steel (A019)
    Embossed white painted steel (A019)
  • Painted steel sand (A047)
    Painted steel sand (A047)
  • Steel painted Ice (A038)
    Steel painted Ice (A038)

Available in 5/6 weeks

Alias: spaghetti XS - 112.

A symbol in the history of design, spaghetti is the first Alias chair to appear in the MoMA collection of New York. The structure is in stove enamelled or chromed steel, the seats and backs in the distinctive woven PVC, subtle in the transparent version and more striking in the various coloured versions. Also available in variants like leather hide and the special straw of the paludis series that enable unexpected tactile and visual experiences.

Length 32 cm
Width 32 cm
Height 65 cm
Seat height 36 cm
Designer Giandomenico Belotti