Ming High-Tech Reed Diffuser Kartell Fragrances

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Ming designed by Ferruccio Laviani is a Kartell Fragrances’ design for making the sticks invisible by integrating them into an elegant piece with sinuous and classical lines which diffuses the perfume discreetly through its own porous texture. A delight for both the eyes and the nose. Available in 5 colours and 8 fragrances.

138,52 €

  • B8 blue - portofino
    B8 blue - portofino
  • B1 black - noir
    B1 black - noir
  • A4 white - ghost diamond
    A4 white - ghost diamond
  • B5 pink - ombreuse
    B5 pink - ombreuse
  • A5 pink - ad red naline
    A5 pink - ad red naline
  • B6 amber - alhambra
    B6 amber - alhambra
  • A6 amber - neroli
    A6 amber - neroli
  • A1 black - drops
    A1 black - drops

Available in 4/5 weeks

Ming designed by Ferruccio Laviani is a Kartell Fragrances’ design for making the sticks invisible by integrating them into an elegant piece with sinuous and classical lines which diffuses the perfume discreetly through its own porous texture. A delight for both the eyes and the nose. Available in 5 colours and 8 fragrances. Kartell fragrances re-interprets the diffusion of fragrance with a bundle of reeds and transforms it into a decorative piece suitable for any environment and style. The fragrance is released through the reeds, which are manufactured from a special black high-tech fibre that is particularly effective. Kartell Fragrances is a new brand dedicated to the innovative formula of combining home fragrances with home décor items in true Kartell style. Thus a new project is born uniting perfumery and industrial design. Featured will be 8 perfumes and 4 different types of diffusers in various shapes and colours resulting in a total of almost 70 combinations intimately connected with Kartell’s core business of design as an aesthetic expression bonding form and function. Kartell fragrances comes in an array of options, from scented candles to electronic devices with capsules and diffusers, and correlates with the purpose of perfumes: to make our living spaces relaxing and pleasant places to be in order to enhance our mental well-being. Sophistication, irony, colour and technology matched with new shapes play with the senses of smell and design with the result that this new collection is simply unique on the international perfumery scene. The task of coordinating mood and design in the 2015 collection was entrusted to architect Ferruccio Laviani who was assisted by extraordinary “expert noses” from some of the top perfume houses in the world: Annie Buzantian, Honorine Blanc and Fabrice Pelegrin (Firmenich), Mathieu Nardin (Robertet), Celine Ripert (Mane),Sébastien Plan and Marie Hugentobler (Cosmo International). Technological innovation played a key role in this project. For this line of Design Perfumery, aside from the special technology - Kap-Soul - used in the electronic diffusers, Kartell applied its own expertise in the field of plastics, using some of its best quality, durable materials to meet the rigorous standards required for this very specific sector. At the same time, just as in any design project, the fragrances portray and evoke a special moment or a particular feeling or emotion. For this reason the new Kartell fragrances collection will be associated with an instantly-recognisable “iconic fragrance” that represents the brand’s intrinsic values, immediately transporting you to any of Kartell’s flagship stores.

Kartell fragrances offers eight different scents available in four applications: perfumed candles, diffusers with high-tech fibre aroma reeds, electronic capsule diffusers and sprays. The resulting olfactory palette fully reflects Kartell’s values, philosophy, brand and aesthetics, as well as the colours, vibe and overall feel of its products. Flowery concoctions such as Ghost Diamond, Drops, Ombreuse and Neroli rub shoulders with crisp and aromatic scents like Ad-Red-Naline and Portofino, while Alhambra and Noir offer the most intense and entrancing aromas. Each fragrance, with its own personality and allure, has won its place in our hearts and whisks us away to far-off places. Certain scents, such as Ombreuse and Neroli, also reveal a classic side, while others such as Drops, Alhambra and Ad-Red-Naline bring an innovative approach. The latter incarnates the iconic perfuming of Kartell Fragrances and, like an olfactory signature, traces out the brand’s character and identity. An instantly-recognisable fragrance to surprise, greet and transport each visitor who enters one of the Kartell flagship stores.

Ghost Diamond is a Marie Hugentobler creation, Cosmo International perfumery. An ode to purity and serenity through the transparent harmony of an effervescent grapefruit blending with white jasmine against a background of precious woods and crystalline musks.

Drops is an Annie Buzantian creation, Firmenich perfumery. A luminous transparency comes from the vegetal notes refreshed by dew drops and enhanced by aquatic and flowery scents.

Ombreuse is a Fabrice Pelegrin creation, Firmenich perfumery. An homage to the classic rose and its intense, elegant perfume masterfully interpreted and emphasised with notes of peony and lily of the valley warmed against a background of sandalwood, with musk rendering the whole light and sublime.

Neroli is a Mathieu Nardin creation, Robertet perfumery. Neroli and orange flowers drench the air with their sensual, luminous perfume on a sunny day in midsummer Sicily. The elegance of jasmine lends a special touch of femininity.

Portofino is a Celine Ripert creation, Mane perfumery. The sea breeze, the whiff of citrus fruits, and fresh, aquatic and aromatic notes blend into a breathtaking view and a murmur of waves. Mandarin and green lemons, rosemary, cedarwood and patchouli.

Ad-Red-Naline is a Sébastien Plan creation, Cosmo International perfumery. An energising, vibrant blend. The red of a surprising hot pepper releases the positive energies of adrenalin with an extraordinary patchouli base.

Alhambra is an Honorine Blanc creation, Firmenich perfumery. This débuts with fresh fruity notes before expressing a warm, amber, sugary heart blending into a noble base of patchouli and cedarwood.

Noir is an Honorine Blanc creation, Firmenich perfumery. The head conjures up notes of amber and incense, while the heart reveals sophisticated and sensual flowery and spicy scents with an elegant, woody base.

Height 39 cm
Diameter 25.2 cm
Designer Ferruccio Laviani