Vitra: Organic Conference Armchair

New product

However, it was never mass produced, due to production techniques that did not yet exist. Hulls with organic shapes, such as the Eames Plastic Chair by Charles & Ray Eames or the Tulip Chair by Eero Saarinen, could not be produced and distributed in large numbers until 1950.

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  • Hopsak 66 Black
    Hopsak 66 Black
  • Credo_ 01 Cream
    Credo_ 01 Cream
  • Credo_ 05 chocolate/ black
    Credo_ 05 chocolate/ black
  • Credo_ 06 Anthracite / elephant
    Credo_ 06 Anthracite / elephant
  • Credo_ 07 black / anthracite
    Credo_ 07 black / anthracite
  • Credo_ 08 dark blue / black
    Credo_ 08 dark blue / black
  • Credo_ 11 cream/dolphin
    Credo_ 11 cream/dolphin
  • Credo_ 12 rock
    Credo_ 12 rock
  • Credo_ 13 salt’n pepper
    Credo_ 13 salt’n pepper
  • Credo_14 sand/avocado
    Credo_14 sand/avocado
  • Credo_ 15 safran
    Credo_ 15 safran
  • Credo_ 16 red chilli
    Credo_ 16 red chilli
  • Credo_ 17 black/aubergine
    Credo_ 17 black/aubergine
  • Cosy_01 pebble grey
    Cosy_01 pebble grey
  • Cosy_02 fossil
    Cosy_02 fossil
  • Cosy_03 nutmeg
    Cosy_03 nutmeg
  • Cosy_04 velvet brown
    Cosy_04 velvet brown
  • Cosy_05 aubergine
    Cosy_05 aubergine
  • Cosy_06 dark aubergine
    Cosy_06 dark aubergine
  • Cosy_08 black forest
    Cosy_08 black forest
  • Cosy_09 nightblue
    Cosy_09 nightblue
  • Cosy_10 classic grey
    Cosy_10 classic grey
  • Cosy_11 merino black
    Cosy_11 merino black
  • Hopsak_79 Warmgray/avorio
    Hopsak_79 Warmgray/avorio
  • Hopsak_69 grass-green/ivory
    Hopsak_69 grass-green/ivory
  • Hopsak_70 grass-green/forest
    Hopsak_70 grass-green/forest
  • Hopsak_85 mint/ivory
    Hopsak_85 mint/ivory
  • Hopsak_86 mint/forest
    Hopsak_86 mint/forest
  • Hopsak_87 ivory/forest
    Hopsak_87 ivory/forest
  • Hopsak_77 Black/forest
    Hopsak_77 Black/forest
  • Hopsak_71 yellow/pastel green
    Hopsak_71 yellow/pastel green
  • Hopsak_67poppy red/ivory
    Hopsak_67poppy red/ivory
  • Hopsak_68 pink/poppy red
    Hopsak_68 pink/poppy red
  • Hopsak_65 coral/poppy re
    Hopsak_65 coral/poppy re
  • Hopsak_63 red/poppy red
    Hopsak_63 red/poppy red
  • Hopsak_62 red/moor brown
    Hopsak_62 red/moor brown
  • Hopsak_81 ice blue/ivory
    Hopsak_81 ice blue/ivory
  • Hopsak_83 blue/ivory
    Hopsak_83 blue/ivory
  • Hopsak_84 blue/moor brown
    Hopsak_84 blue/moor brown
  • Hopsak_74 dark blue/ivory
    Hopsak_74 dark blue/ivory
  • Hopsak_75 dark blue/moor brown
    Hopsak_75 dark blue/moor brown
  • Hopsak_82 ice blue/moor brown
    Hopsak_82 ice blue/moor brown
  • Hopsak_73 petrol/moor brown
    Hopsak_73 petrol/moor brown
  • Hopsak_88 cognac/ivory
    Hopsak_88 cognac/ivory
  • Hopsak_76 marron/moor brown
    Hopsak_76 marron/moor brown
  • Hopsak_80 warmgrey/moor brown
    Hopsak_80 warmgrey/moor brown
  • Natural Oak
    Natural Oak
  • Black ash
    Black ash

Available in 5/6 weeks

At the Organic Design in Home Furnishings competition organized by the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1941, Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen created different versions of the Organic Chair - a small and comfortable chair for reading. From a formal point of view, the creations were ahead of its time.

The Organic Chair is also available in a version with high backrest and headrest - the Organic Highback Chair. The Organic Conference version can be used around a table.

100% Original

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Typology Armchair
Length 72.5 cm
Width 56 / 61.5 cm
Height 93.5 cm
Seat height 42 cm
Armrest height 68.5 cm
Design Year 1940
Designer Charles Eames & Eero Saarinen