Hay: About a Chair AAC 14 Sedia

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About a Chair è una sedia girevole con ruote firmata Hee Welling in esclusiva per Hay.

About a chair è versatile e si adatta a qualsiasi spazio: casa, ufficio, contract... Il suo aspetto semplice le permette di integrarsi perfettamente nel nostro quotidiano senza disturbare il nostro campo visivo.

312,40 €


355,00 €

  • White Polypropylene
    White Polypropylene
  • Black Polypropylene
    Black Polypropylene
  • Gray Polypropylene
    Gray Polypropylene
  • Mustard Polypropylene
    Mustard Polypropylene
  • Polypropylene_ green
    Polypropylene_ green
  • Polypropylene_ Orange
    Polypropylene_ Orange
  • Polypropylene Warm red
    Polypropylene Warm red
  • Polypropylene Brick
    Polypropylene Brick
  • Polypropylene Concrete grey
    Polypropylene Concrete grey
  • Polypropylene Cream white
    Polypropylene Cream white
  • Polypropylene Dusty blue
    Polypropylene Dusty blue
  • Polypropylene Dusty green
    Polypropylene Dusty green
  • Polypropylene Hunter
    Polypropylene Hunter
  • Polypropylene Khaki
    Polypropylene Khaki
  • Polypropylene Pastel green
    Polypropylene Pastel green
  • Polypropylene Soft black
    Polypropylene Soft black
  • Alluminio verniciato a polvere nera
    Alluminio verniciato a polvere nera
  • Alluminio verniciato a polvere Bianca
    Alluminio verniciato a polvere Bianca
  • Alluminio lucido
    Alluminio lucido

Available in 7/8 weeks

About a Chair AAC 14 is swivel chair with wheels  designed by Hee Welling exclusively for Hay. The idea behind the About a Chair-collection has been to develop a chair with conspicuous simplicity. A chair which works just as well around the dining table as around a conference table, in a canteen or at the office. Here, About a Chair is the perfect office chair and brings a warm and welcoming feel to an otherwise rather cool and technical genre. The chair uses the same simple and familiar shell, while the elegant steel frame acquires a narrative charm when it is combined with the spherical castors. This version of About a Chair is perfect for official settings and an obvious choice for both large-scale corporate contexts and work-at-home offices – or maybe a dining chair? 

The About series is HAY’s most versatile furniture series. It began with a chair and blossomed into a series with virtually unlimited potential. With the About series, Hee Welling has proven that a single strong idea can hold a wealth of development options. Today, the series includes dining and conference chairs, office chairs, bar stools, lounge chairs, tables, a foot stool and, as the latest addition, a sofa, and it is equally perfect for private and public settings. The About series is a true pragmatist, able to blend in or stand out, depending on the task it is assigned. Dramatize the silhouette with heavier upholstery, or opt for more subtle materials and colours. The many colour, upholstery and frame options are a particularly strong feature that allows you to tweak the design without compromising the basic concept. 

Larghezza 51 cm
Profondità 52 cm
Altezza 77 cm
Altezza seduta 46 cm
Base Girevole con ruote
Designer Hee Welling & HAY