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Dusk Riva 1920 Chaise Longue Dusk designed by Karim Rashid for Riva 1920 is a chaise longue made of solid wood of scented wood of cedar. Made from completely natural hand-finished wood without the addition of any treatment. Any movements, cracks and changes in the appearance of the wood are intrinsic characteristics of these items and result from the...

  4 018,00 € 4 900,00 € -18%

Nordic Pratone Gufram Sofa Nordic Pratone signed by Giorgio Ceretti, Piero Derossi and Riccardo Rosso for Gufram is a seat for indoor in limited edition. Pratone Nordic is a radical project, icon of the 70’s cultural revolution; a desecrating interior design idea that subverts the domestic landscape. This is how Pratone by Gufram comes out - a recognised...


Copacabana Gubi Chair Copacabana designed by Mathieu Matégot for Gubi is a chair with the basis of a curved tubular frame, the back made of the perforated metal and the cushion is made of leather or fabric.

  1 034,10 € 1 149,00 € -10%

Copacabana Gubi Coffee Table Copacabana designed by Mathieu Matégot for Gubi is a coffee table with a top realized with round perforated decorations, supported on three slender legs. Copacabana is available in lacquered black.

  644,40 € 716,00 € -10%

Leonardo Gufram Sofa Leonardo signed by Franco & Nana Audrito for Gufram is a modular sofa for indoor in limited edition. The name is related the Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian Man, the model based on two concentric circles inscribed in a square, crossed by two orthogonal and two diagonal axes.


La Cova Gufram Sofa La Cova designed by Gianni Ruffi for Gufram is a seat for indoor limited edition. It is not a simple piece of furniture but an art work. La Cova is a love nest, a place where space and time meet each other to infinity.


Juno Miniforms Sideboard Juno designed by E-GGS for Miniforms is a sideboard made in solid wood and glass. A wooden structure and glass panels on each side provides a 360 degrees visual. Available in three dimensions and more finishes.


Maggese Miniforms Table Maggese designed by Paolo Cappello for Miniforms is a table with top in vintage oak, '700 oak fixed toP 30° edges, canaletto walnut and heat-treated oak fixed top 30° edges. The table base is split in two parts, made by two welded cambered metal sheets that remind the paper. The top is available in fixed or extensible version and...


Random Riva 1920 Table Random designed by Studio Balutto for Riva 1920 is a table with top in solid wood and base in naturally coloured laminated iron, finish oil. Available in different sizes.

  2 505,10 € 3 055,00 € -18%

Aquário BD Barcelona Design Sideboard Aquário designed by Campana Brothers for BD Barcelona Design is a Sideboard. External panels and doors are in green or blue glass, veneered in natural ash or pine stained in grey. Legs in solid natural ash or pine stained in grey. Interior shelves in green or blue glass. Steel tubular painted (beige or dark grey)...


Jackson Chair Moooi Armchair Charleston designed by Marcel Wanders for Moooi is an armchair made of leather with a large embroidered backrest. Sometimes you just need to feel supported, seduced, protagonist of your own world for a moment.After much giving, working and planning for others, you need to find your centre by settling down in your favourite...

  5 821,00 €

Twist Horm Hanging Rail Twist designed by Burtscher & Bertolini for Horm is an hanging rail composed of curved elements made from solid water-stained beech. The two L-shaped steel hooks in the wooden elements are fastened in the holes in two fibre glass octagons connected to each other with a steel rod. Four clothes hooks made from chrome-plated ABS...

  268,60 € 316,00 € -15%

Gemma is a small armchair designed by Daniel Libeskind for Moroso. Architecture as a cultural idea, as a platform for relations between places and people. The design project as an exercise in a small architecture, where the landscape is replaced by the definition of a space and the population density by the single individual. An armchair developed on the...

  3 502,20 € 4 490,00 € -22%

Principe Galeotto is a sideboard designed by Lapo Ciatti for Opinion Ciatti. Cupboard in mdf, square form enriched with 174 studs of 2,9 cm diameter, handle, coat of arms and key which give it a new medieval taste. Finishing: structure in white RAL 9016, black RAL 9011 and in the material finishing: concrete, cast iron and bronze. Accessories chromed or...

  2 213,11 € 2 459,02 € -10%

Prado designed by Christian Werner for Ligne Roset, is a sofa collection. Quite apart from the habitual styling exercise which surrounds a new settee - which consists of a principally aesthetic proposal - Prado represents first and foremost an approach based on the study of lifestyles, or in short, the human being. Here, therefore, we find the same...


Caruso designed by Paolo Cappello for Miniforms is a sideboard made of MDF. Caruso is not just a cabinet as includes a HI-FI system. The Bluetooth 4.0 connection offers a rich and unexpected high performance sound. Made with structure in MDF and a wideceramic decoration reminiscent of the shape of a gramophone, Caruso distorts the concept of traditional...

  2 390,40 € 2 490,00 € -4%

Gaulino Table designed by Oscar Tusquets Blanca for BD Barcelona Design  is a table with structure in solid ash.Top in transparent or smoked glass. Old rock fans never die and Oscar Tusquets loves to demonstrate this. 


Dalilips designed by Salvador Dalí for BD Barcelona Design is a polyethylene sofa. The precedent for the furniture designed by Salvador Dalí, for which Bd Barcelona design has the exclusive world marketing rights, is the famous sofa Dalilips in the shape of a mouth which the artist created together with Oscar Tusquets in 1972 for the Mae West room at the...


  6 543,60 € 7 980,00 € -18%

  3 502,20 € 4 490,00 € -22%

  3 112,20 € 3 990,00 € -22%

  288,60 € 370,00 € -22%

Doodle by Front for Moroso is a collection of sofa and armchair. The three members of Front merged their actual doodles that they had drawn during design meetings to create the pattern of the Doodle Sofa for Moroso. The sofa form comes from a circular shape that is folded to make the perfect little sofa. 

  5 233,80 € 6 710,00 € -22%

  3 650,40 € 4 680,00 € -22%

Rock by Diesel with Foscarini è una lampada da terra. Come una roccia vulcanica che spaccandosi rivela un gioiello al proprio interno, Rock gioca sulla sorpresa e sui contrasti. Misteriosa e rigorosa fuori, brillante e cangiante dentro. Nella versione scura, è ruvida e punteggiata di pagliuzze dorate all’esterno, mentre è lucida, liscia e madreperlata...

  660,25 € 733,61 € -10%

Bowery di Progetti è un orologio da parete. New York Sound è una collezione di orologi disegnata da Davide Tonizzo che si ispira a tre importanti movimenti musicali che hanno girato il mondo e caratterizzato la metropoli americana in film e cultura. Bowery si rifà allo stile punk e al bar CBGB che ne rappresentava l'anima.

  219,30 € 258,00 € -15%
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